The Learning Revolution

Learning Rev

A CLASSROOM environment with fearless learners and fearless teachers has arrived at Goole Academy after the launch of the Learning Revolution this half term.

No-one is set to lose their head in this uprising, however, which is all about making sure that education is exciting and inspiring.

High standards of education, both inside and outside the classroom, have always been the expectation at Goole Academy and the Learning Revolution is designed to maintain and further those standards.

It is all about students and teachers working together to ensure all learning experiences do three key things: Challenge, Activate and Motivate.

The Academy's Principal said: “We all need to be challenged to move our understanding of the world around us forward and our learning opportunities should always challenge each of us to do more as learners by going that bit further.

“We learn from failure as well as success so we need to be brave and take risks with our learning.”

Education should, he says, be active. “Every student needs to be involved to get the most out of every opportunity to learn; working together with others, gathering and using feedback and improving their ability to learn and think independently.”

In addition, Assistant Principal, Bob Jackson added: "The Learning Revolution is about motivation. This includes making sure that the learning environment encourages curiosity and enthusiasm to look further into a topic, as it is a well known fact that we all learn best when we enjoy something, or understand its importance as part of our learning process.

Finally, successes should be celebrated according to the Learning Revolution model.

“All staff and students here at Goole Academy are signed up to the Learning Revolution and are working as partners to take a brave and uncompromising attitude to learning,” says Mr Jackson.