Year 6 Areté English Day

Year 5 Areté English Day Thursday 16th March

24th March 2017

Armed with iPads, the year 5s started the day on a poetry treasure hunt. Using QR codes to find their next destination, they looked at a range of famous poets and learnt language techniques on the way. After a short ping-pong break, we flexed our dramatic muscles as we became the storm from Shakespeare’s ‘The Tempest’. The students embodied the crashes of thunder and the cries of sailors so effectively that other teachers came running to our aid. Next came chorus thesaurus, where we tried to outwit each other by making famous songs unrecognisable and in some cases, incomprehensible. We had baa baa black sheep’s soft hair going to the charity shop and Ed Sheeran warbling to petite ballerina. Finally, we followed in the footsteps of Patrick Ness’ monster, forming our own ‘I Am’ poems full of metaphors, similes and animal imagery.



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