The History department at Goole Academy offers a wide range of History to study.  Most recently the team are introducing Project Based Learning to Year 7 meaning students get the opportunity to acquire skills and knowledge through driving their own learning and producing quality products to exhibit to their peers and the community.  They are currently working on a World War I project to tie in with the Remembrance Day.

Other subjects currently studied in KS3 history include:

Year 7:  Romans, Medieval life

Year 8:  Conflict in the 16th and 17th Centuries, Industrial Revolution and Slavery

Year 9:  World conflicts including World Wars I and II


Topics studied at GCSE include Medicine Through Time, American West and a local study on Conisbrough Castle.  There are two exam papers with Paper 1 focussing on both Medicine and American West and students will be asked a range of questions to test their abilities with knowledge, extended writing and source analysis.  Paper 2 focusses solely on an element of Medicine through Time and students will be tested on their source analysis and interpretation skills.

Students will also visit Conisbrough castle as part of their coursework and will be expected to write an analysis of castle development.


Topics studied at A level include the Russian Revolution, equality and civil rights in the USA, Henry VIII, the Cold War and coursework on 100 years of German history.  Students at this level will be expected to be independent learners and are required to do extra reading around the subjects to allow students a more rounded understanding of the key concepts and issues covered.  They will strengthen their essay writing skills to incorporate historiography and analysis of both contemporary sources and historians’ interpretations.  This course prepares students well for the styles of learning expected at university level,

As they progress through school, students begin to develop and acquire skills that can be used in everyday life and in different careers.  Such skills include problem solving and analysis.  In history, this is done through the use of accessing contemporary sources and different interpretations of key events and people.  Another key skill developed through history is communication, both written and oral.  History teaches students to write and think critically as well as to form their own views on important events and people.

The department has also organised trips to the WWI battlefields in Belgium, visit to Auschwitz in 6th Form and more local trips to Imperial War Museum in Manchester and local castles.