Health & Social/Childcare


The Health and Social Care department within Goole Academy offers two options – Health and Social Care and Child Care. All students have the option of studying either of these subjects in year 10 and 11.

Health and Social Care is a BTEC consists of one external exam and 3 pieces of internally assessed coursework. The content of the exam is based on how we develop physically, intellectually, emotionally and socially throughout our life stages, and the external factors that may influence our development. Coursework assignments require the students to study care values, nutrition and communication. Students are required to relate the theory they learn to specific case studies within health and social care settings to gain accreditation.

The Child Care course is a GCSE course that requires the students to do an externally assessed exam, and 4 internally assessed assignments. One of the internally assessed assignments requires the student to do a long term study on a child over a period of 8 months. This study requires the student to look at all areas of the child’s development and make comparisons against developmental norms. We do advise all students that express an interest in this course to have a child study available at the time of enrolment.

As they progress through each of these subjects’ students acquire the skills needed to care effectively for users of health and social care and early years settings. They will learn skills that will allow them to communicate effectively to all ages and abilities, and practical skills that they can apply when working within any health and social care or early years setting.


The teachers within this department consist of a former paediatric nurse and a former nursery manager, whom can provide the students with the expertise needed for success within both of these areas of study. 

Students can look at the following website to browse the range of employment opportunities open to them with Health and Social Care or Child Care qualifications.