Drama and Media


The Drama and Media Department makes up one section of the Performance Faculty at Goole Academy. There are four teachers who deliver the curriculum across KS3 (Drama only) and KS4 and 5. We teach a range of qualifications including GCSEs, BTECs and A-Levels, all tailored to suit our pupil’s needs.

We have a fully equipped Drama studio with lighting and sound as well as classrooms. The Drama studio is often used for small, intimate performances such as GCSE, BTEC and A-Level productions as well as extra-curricular performances. The school musical is staged in the main hall with access to top of the range lighting and sound equipment.

Media is taught in fully equipped classrooms with access to computer software such as Pinnacle and Photoshop as well as access to video cameras, including a broadcast quality camera and other media studies equipment. Students of Media Studies learn how films and advertising campaigns are created and are given the opportunity to create their own versions. A-Level students have also been on visits to the National Media Museum in Bradford to further expand their knowledge of the media world.

Without creativity, life would never evolve or develop. Creative subjects are necessary for any individual to develop a sense of self awareness, confidence, personal development and self-esteem. Pupils attending Goole Academy are given the opportunity to develop all of these skills and more, but of course the arts have far more to offer just than this. There is a host of transferable skills acquired by studying arts subjects which improve performance in other areas of the curriculum. Arts subjects enable students to make a personal response to the world around them and explore possibilities of expression and interpretation.

We encourage pupils to see as much live theatre as they can with most theatre companies offering generous discounts to students. We regularly take A-Level groups to see modern and challenging performances by companies such as the Propeller Theatre Company and Frantic Assembly, as well as taking extra-curricular trips to see musicals such as Grease and Blood Brothers.

The Drama and Media department also run a huge range of extra-curricular activities including small and large scale productions and are part of the annual Shakespeare Schools Festival that gives pupils opportunities to perform in professional theatres across the country, this has led to our pupils performing at the West Yorkshire Playhouse and The Carriageworks in Leeds and most recently at Hull Truck Theatre.

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