Art and Design

Art continues to be a popular subject where students enjoy a lively and exciting curriculum.  Our curriculum allows students to develop a wide range of practical skills using both 2D and 3D media and techniques, along with developing their knowledge and understanding.  The art experience at Goole Academy also supports pupils to develop wider skills such as imagination, creativity, independence and team work.

In year 7 creative themes are underpinned by basic skills and the formal elements to support skills development.  Contextual links are introduced enabling pupils to develop an awareness and appreciation of the work of a range of artists, craftspeople and designers.

In year 8 and year 9 pupils explore more focused themes and a wider range of media and techniques. Larger projects and sustained working are used in preparation for further study and art based qualifications. Contextual links continue to be an integral part of projects to support pupil’s further understanding and develop skills such as analysis, reflection and evaluation.

At key stage 4 we currently offer GCSE Fine art.  Our Fine Art course provides students with a range of experiences and the ability to further explore and refine a wider range of skills and techniques whilst developing their own ideas and creativity. Trips and visits support contextual links and pupil’s wider appreciation of all that art has to offer.

At key stage 5 pupils have the option to study B-tec level 3 Art and Design, AS and A2 (A-Level) Fine Art. We pride ourselves in the ability to adapt teaching to suit pupil’s abilities, interests and career aspirations.

We pride ourselves in our open door policy and the ability to actively engage pupils in lessons and through extra-curricular activities and support. Our rooms are vibrant and exciting spaces which reflect the energy and passion of our staff and pupils.