Areas for Improvement (AFIs)


In order to accelerate the rate of progress and ensure focused action, the Academy has defined four Areas for Improvement (AFIs) based on the most recent HMI inspection. Each member of the SLT is linked to an individual AFI to monitor impact and each Faculty has produced its own AFI plan to meet Faculty and whole-school priorities.

Areas for Improvement (AFIs) linked to the Ofsted report


Area for Improvement - AFI 1   

SLT Leads: Avril Moulds, Louise Frensham

Further improve the impact of teaching on students’ learning and achievement so that it is always good and enables students in all year groups and in all subjects to reach, then exceed, their minimum targets.


Area for Improvement - AFI 2   

SLT Lead: Ryan Saunders

Build on the effective strategies in place and further improve students’ behaviour so that it is typically good in and out of lessons, and all pupils consistently exemplify the academy’s core values and ethos.


Area for Improvement - AFI 3  

SLT Lead:  Louise Frensham

Significantly improve the quality and effectiveness of 16 to 19 study programmes.


Additional AFI (Self-identified) – AFI 4

SLT Lead:  Rob Allsopp

To strengthen the impact of leadership at all levels to ensure that all staff work consistently to follow procedures and protocols within the Academy’s key policies.